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Conflict of Interest Policy


 PEER has adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy in respect of the selection process of any tenders received for work to be undertaken on behalf of the project. All individuals involved in the review and / or selection process are asked to provide a statement declaring any relationship with a tendering party under the following categories:


Personal relations:

  • having or having formerly had a family relationship with any individual identified in an application in the first, second or third degree,
  • being the guardian or agent of any individual identified in an application,
  • having a personal conflict with any individual identified in an application.


Work relations:

  • having any professional connection with a PEER research tender applicant (individual or institution),
  • being on the management (dean, institute director or head of research group) or on the scientific staff or participating/having recently participated in appointment proceedings at an applicant’s host institution (including at a departmental level),
  • having had a dependent employment relationship during the past three years.


Scientific relations:

  • providing a letter of recommendation for a PEER application,
  • having been the supervisor at an earlier stage of the career of any individual identified in the application (within approx. the last five years),
  • co-publishing or having co-published with any individual or group identified in the application (within approx. the last three years),
  • being in direct scientific competition with the applicant.


Economic reasons:

  • having personal economic interests in the PEER application (competitive or joint interests).


In each case where a conflict of interest is noted, respondents are requested to identify the relevant institution, department or individual and to provide a brief description of the nature of the conflict.